Carbon Black

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  • Carbon Black N220
    Carbon Black N220 is recommended to be used in the tread rubber of tires for heavy lorries , for ordinary cars, and the rubber products required for high strength and high wear resistance.
  • Carbon Black N330
    Good wear properties and processing. Used in passenger through truck tires.
  • Carbon Black N326
    Industry choice for steel belt skims, motor mounts. Good resistance to cut and tear, used in OTR compounds.
  • Carbon Black N339
    Premium passenger tire tread compound. Motor mounts, solid tires, and conveyor belts.
  • Carbon Black N550
    Carcass grade black with low surface area, and does not impart good abrasion resistance. Good dimensional stability for extruded profiles, hoses, belts, brake diaphragms, and plastic piping.
  • Carbon Black N660
    Industry standard carcass / innerliner compound black.
  • Carbon Black N774
    Carbon Black N774 is black bead or granular or grain and amorphous solid, it is odorless with burning point more than 400oC, water insoluble, non-poisonous, stable chemical properties, excellent weather and light fastness. Recommended to be used in tyre rubbers and belts.
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Carbon black is raw material composed mainly of carbon and as its name indicates, it is black. Carbon black is a raw material closely involved in our daily lives. Many black objects contain carbon black. Carbon black products are used for tires around the world, in a wide range of rubber products, in pigments, and in other numerous products.


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