PT. Siddharta Mandiri Indonesia ( PT.SMI ) is owned by Amin Untario and Metta Obhasa who established the company in middle of 1999.

Start from very small capital and based on 1 Principal, PT. SMI has grown significantly and now PT.SMI is holding more than 10 good Principals.
PT. SMI at this moment is an agent for ( some of them are exclusive agency – with mark *) :

China Synthetic Rubber Corporation for carbon black products *
– Kiswire Cord Sdn Bhd for Bead Wire and Steel Cord products
– Paramelt Pty Ltd ( Nederland ) for special waxes ( anti ozonant for tyre industry ) *
– Diamonchem Ltd – Taiwan for Active Zinc Oxide *
– Shandong Yanggu Huatai –China for special Rubber chemicals(anti scorching and accelerator )
– Oriental Textile (Holding) Limited for Polyester Tyre Cord
– Dalian APS- China for Tyre Bonding Agent ( Cobalt basis ) *
– Yuncheng Chemical – Taiwan for Colloidal Calcium Carbonate *
– Greatoo – China for Tyre Mold and Container Mold *
– Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Corporation for Synthetic Rubber

And another several suppliers that we trade based on requirement. From local suppliers we trade also Stearic Acid and Calcium Carbonate. Turn over at the beginning (year 2000) for our Local Sales was around USD. 100,000/annum and now we could achieve more than USD. 12 Million/ annum. This is only for Local Sales. We also have Indent Sales that the amount also contribute significantly to our company sales turnover.

PT.SMI has 2 Divisions , Rubber Division and Non Rubber Division.
Rubber Division is contributing around 90% of its turnover while Non Rubber Division still contribute around 10%.
After for 17 years going around in Rubber and Tyre Industry, our company now could exists very well in the market, especially in Tyre Manufacturer. Therefore now we are very closed relationship with tyre people, ie : PT. Elang Tyre, PT.Gajah Tunggal, PT.Multistrada, PT. Industri Karet Deli, etc.
This could be realized because of excellent cooperation between us- PT.SMI with our Principals/Suppliers.
Then, the market for Non Rubber Division is huge since Indonesia country has more than 200 million people.
This is a real big market for everyone.
PT. SMI is very eager to go to Non Rubber industry and since several years ago PT.SMI has entered Paint, Plastic, Pharmacy and Food industry.
Although does not hold a very good and strong agency, PT.SMI has proved could enter the market.
And PT.SMI believe for the Non Rubber Division will contribute a lot in turn over for SMI’s business in the future

At this moment total more than 35 employees are working under PT.SMI .
We have 4 light trucks and 1 heavy truck to deliver the goods to customers and 4 warehouses with space more than 1500 M2.

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