Mixgran S-80

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  • S-80 ex Shandong Huatai, China
    Mixgran S-80 improves sulfur quick incorporation, better dispersion and distribution during mixing. SBR bound S-80/SBR is more suitable for NR and/or CBR compounds, while NBR bound S-80/NBR is better for NBR compound.
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S-80 is a curing agent for all natural and synthetic rubbers, which require a quick incorporation in the mix and an excellent dispersion of the sulfur. Due to the homogeneous dispersion in the rubber the occurence of localized overcured zones is avoided, which ensures an improved resistance against ageing and dynamic fatigue. The good dispersion of sulfur is of particular advantage in soft compounds, in which a problem-free distribution of the sulfur is often very hard to achieve.


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