Mixgran ETU-80

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  • ETU-80 ex Shandong Huatai, China
    Fast during accelerator for halogen containing rubbers, e.g. CR, ECO, CPE and EPDM. ECO bound ETU-80/ECO is much more suitable for ECO compound.

ETU-80 is a primary accelerator or a secondary ultra-accelerator for CR (both sulphur-modified and mercaptan-modified types), It can accelerate vulcanization rate of CR and has high scorching safety. It is an activator and secondary accelerator for low-sulfur or non-sulfur vulcanization of other dienes rubber. It can improves heat-proof aging and physical mechanics properties of vulcanizates. Generally it causes no blooming appearance.

Cables and wires, footwear, window frame, conveyor belts, rollers, diving suits, etc.


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